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Marriage on Fire

Mar 25, 2021

What do you think is the number one reason for conflict in a marriage with an entrepreneur? 


I’ll give you a hint: it’s not finances or communication. Those are some big ones too, but they aren’t the reason we are talking about today. 


You’ve probably noticed from listening to the podcast that there is a lot...

Mar 18, 2021

Is it possible to balance business and marriage at the same time?


I know it can seem impossible sometimes. 


If your spouse works with you or you both work from home, there is often no separation between work and marriage. This is something I get asked about a lot because it just seems so hard to find that perfect...

Mar 11, 2021

What is the number one thing that impacts your marriage and your business that people really don't look at closely enough?


Your values.


That’s right, your values are your true north and the foundation for how you conduct yourself in both business and marriage.


In this week’s episode I want to talk all about...

Mar 4, 2021

Do you want to have uncommon success? 


Today we are welcoming a very special guest, John Lee Dumas, to talk about what you need to unlock your potential and create the life you and your family deserve.


John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 100 million...

Feb 25, 2021

Let’s talk about one of my most requested subjects: infidelity. 


It's a subject that nobody wants to talk about, and we don’t want to think about it or be hurt by it, but what if you are? Then you need to know what the next steps should be. 


So we're going to talk through, step by step, what needs to happen for...